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Healing Touch Practice

Wednesdays February 6th and March 6th, 6PM to 7PM. Healing Touch Alaska office, 9000 Glacier Hwy, #306.

For students who have completed at least Healing Touch Course 1 or Level 1.

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Intention Meditation

Anyone interested can attend in person or call 1-415-464-6800 and use Conference ID 996-0841.

In person location is the Healing Touch Alaska office, 9000 Glacier Hwy, #306. Time and date for either method of attending is: Wednesdays February 6th and March 6th, 7PM to 8PM, after HT Practice.

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Improving Memory: Increasing Neuroplasticity

Wednesday March 27th, 6PM to 9PM, 2019. Healing Touch Alaska office, 9000 Glacier Hwy, #306.

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Improving Memory: New Findings in Brain Health

At Floyd Dryden sponsored by Juneau Community Schools

Tuesdays, February 19th through March 12th, 6PM to 8PM, 2019.

Cost is $50 payable to Juneau Community Schools. Register online at Juneau Community Schools.

 Mary Szczepanski gives a Healing Touch Treatment

Healing Touch is a gentle, non-invasive energy therapy which assists in balancing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.

Healing Touch is not an alternative to conventional medicine, but is complementary to it and to other health care systems.

It can be helpful in decreasing chronic or acute pain, in aiding the individual to cope with the symptoms & stresses of chronic illness, in easing the stress & anxiety of difficult life transitions, & assisting in recovery from addictions. It is shown to be helpful both before & after surgery. Learn more about the uses of Healing Touch here.

Mary's New Book is Available Here

Energy Healing - Reflections On a Journey describes simple techniques that can produce profound results when used with intention & focus. It demonstrates how giving or receiving treatments or practicing self-care, meditation, or holistic work is transformational.

$14.95 plus $3.50 shipping & handling per copy.

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Healing Touch Alaska News

Mary on KTOO Radio

Mary will be interviewed by Elaine Schroeder on KTOO Radio, Monday, January 2 at 7:00 PM. Tune in and listen. If you miss the interview it will be on ktoo.org later in the week - date to be determined. A link will be posted here when it is available.

Children's Healing Touch Classes are in the planning stages. If you have, or know of, children or families who would be interested in energy healing techniques for children to learn, please contact Mary. Phone: 907-790-2402 or Send an Email to Mary.

Fiction by Mary Szczepanski

A Path of Healing For the adolescent reader. The unusual story of a teen's perilous coming of age. Gear up with Megan, grouchy teenage rebel, healer in the making, & just a hair's breadth away from true disaster in the remote Alaska wilderness. Learn more...
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Strands Shifting politics, global warming, & rapid social change across the globe set the stage for this futuristic tale. Take one young intuitive healer, add enhanced DNA, precocious friends & puzzled families. Mix well...if you can. This healer must remember where she came from to solve the riddle of her life. Learn more...
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