Healing Touch Treatments for Individuals

How To Make an Appointment

To make an appointment for a Healing Touch, EFT, or Reiki treatment, please call Mary Szczepanski at 907-500-5557.

Keep reading to learn more about the uses and benefits of Healing Touch.

For Chronic Pain and Symptoms of Chronic Illness

Healing Touch techniques may not provide a cure for chronic illness, but many people experience temporary or permanent relief of some symptoms of their illness. Others are able to relax, sleep better, or achieve some level of pain relief. When chronic illness has caused life disruption, Healing Touch can help the individual to feel a sense of wholeness and well being.

Injuries or Physical Trauma

Wounds of all types respond best to Healing Touch when it is done as soon as possible after the injury. Healing Touch can be used to reduce swelling in order to prevent tissue damage at the site of an injury. Healing Touch seems to help the body mobilize its own natural healing abilities.

Before and After Surgery Or Medical Procedures

Healing Touch can increase relaxation and decrease anxiety prior to surgery and medical procedures, and often helps healing progress more quickly with fewer complications. Many people have pain reduction and require less pain medication following surgery. Others experience reduced nausea or absence of nausea after anesthesia.


Healing Touch promotes a sense of well being and relaxation which can reduce symptoms of anxiety. Techniques used for grounding can also diminish feelings of panic.

Self Healing

All healing is self healing. The process of Healing Touch assists individuals in directing their own healing energy in a more focused way through relaxation, setting one's intention, and focusing awareness.


Addictions affect all aspects of one's life: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. Healing Touch can help clear the residual effects of substances from the energy field in order to reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms.

Emotional numbness and avoiding pain are central themes of the addictive process. As addictions progress, an individual uses increasing levels of substances or addictive behaviors to maintain the emotional numbness. The body and mind become adapted to higher levels of stimulation. Healing Touch helps individuals regain their sensitivity to the subtle forces within themselves and to direct these forces to their own healing process.

Healing Touch can also help one get in touch with and release painful emotions and reconnect to one's spirituality.

Stress Management and Life Transitions

Life transitions, even positive ones, often cause energy shifts which can leave one feeling out of balance or disoriented. Healing Touch offers a specific approach for transitions. Whether changing jobs, starting or ending relationships, adding or losing family members, or experiencing other life changing events, Healing Touch can increase one's peace of mind.

When Nothing Else Works

Although Healing Touch is identified as a complement to medical care, there are times when the best medical practices can not clearly identify a diagnosis, either because it is too early, or because the illness has not been described by medical science--for example, environmental illnesses.

Early in an illness, a person may begin to feel that something is not right. They may be uncomfortable, but not yet have symptoms which can be diagnosed or treated. Healing Touch can sometimes help clear these symptoms early and prevent illness or offer support as an illness progresses and medical treatment can be justified.

Later in certain illnesses, medical care may have done everything possible to treat a person, but to no avail. Even when no cure is likely or possible, Healing Touch can provide supportive care, calming relaxation, and a sense of well being.

Pay For an Appointment

You may pay by personal check or cash at the time treatment is received. If you wish to pay by credit card via PayPal, use the Add to Cart payment button provided here. The standard fee for one individual treatment is $85.00.

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