The Healing Touch Alaska Philosophy

Health is affected by physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual factors. Empowerment and balance in these areas helps individuals and groups achieve their full potential.

What Is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch consists of a number of non-invasive techniques, including both touch and non-contact approaches, which balance the body's energy field and promote the body's natural healing ability. These techniques can lessen aches and pains, relieve emotional and physical tension, and ease the symptoms of acute and chronic illnesses. They are not a substitute for medical treatment, but can complement and increase the effectiveness of many other treatment modalities. There are no harmful side effects.

The impact of Healing Touch in health care has been widely recognized in hospitals, clinics, hospice programs, nursing care facilities, private practice, and other settings. Programs have been sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and South America.

About the Classes

Workshops are open to any interested individual. Discounts are available for early registration and those interested in coordinating workshops are also eligible for discounts. Workshop coordination may include arranging a suitable location for the class, mailing or hand distributing brochures, phone response to participants, organizing registration and book sales on site, etc.

Repeating workshops is highly recommended since so much is covered in each session. Practicing techniques between classes is necessary in order to benefit from new information taught at the next level. It is suggested that participants be able to independently perform each technique of one level before taking the next level of class.

Classes are formatted so that beginners of a topic will benefit while those with experience can enter more deeply into their process of growth and development. Participants entering classes with previous experiences in similar classes are asked to approach classes with a beginner's mind. Healing Touch is not the same as, for example, Reiki or Qi Kung, and an understanding of it may be diminished by comparing it with related disciplines.

All classes provide tools for self-healing and personal growth as well as techniques for helping clients, family members, and friends.

To receive information about coordinating a class, call Mary Szczepanski at Healing Touch Alaska (907-790-2402) or send an email request.

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