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Privacy Policy

Healing Touch Alaska collects your contact information only with your consent and as you provide it when registering for classes or signing up to receive Healing Touch Newsletters and Class Brochures.

Healing Touch Alaska absolutely does not sell or rent contact lists. If you would like to be removed from Healing Touch Alaska's mailing list, please use this form to easily unsubscribe. You will be promptly removed from the mailing list.

Healing Touch Alaska collects no financial information. Credit card payments are processed through PayPal's secure online transaction services. Payments are electronically transferred to Healing Touch Alaska's PayPal account, while your financial information remains secure.

Terms of Service

Healing Touch therapy is offered as a complement to adequate and appropriate medical care. If you have an illness requiring medical treatment, you should seek the services of a licensed medical professional.

Information provided at the Healing Touch Alaska website is for the sole purpose of clarifying the role of Healing Touch as a complementary therapy. This information does not in any way or at any time constitute medical advice and may not be used as such.

Healing Touch Alaska assumes no responsibility for the content of other sites that link to the HTA website, or for the content of outside websites you may reach from links provided by the HTA website.

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