Healing Touch Level 4 Course Objectives & Content

Healing Touch Level 4 In Brief

Level 4 is for students who have successfully completed Levels 1 through 3 and desire to become Healing Touch Practitioners. This course practicum provides the student an opportunity to learn how to develop and conduct a practice in Healing Touch and is designed to provide guidance through the apprentice / mentorship process. This course provides 25.3 CE contact hours and is usually done in a retreat setting.

Level 4 Course Objectives

The participant will:

  1. Describe the development of the Healing Touch Practitioner.
  2. Demonstrate a sequence of intake, three healing sessions, and discharge planning.
  3. Identify issues related to development of a Healing Touch Practice.
  4. Discuss the case study process based on the sequence demonstrated during the workshop.
  5. Discuss principles of apprenticeship / mentorship and professional practice.
  6. Discuss purpose of professional profile notebook.

Level 4 Course Content

  • Developing a professional healing practice
  • Sequencing of five private client sessions:
    • Intake
    • Three treatment sessions with mutual goals
    • Evaluation and discharge planning with full documentation
  • Learning the case study process
  • Defining a scope of practice
  • Healer practice guidelines
  • Selecting a mentor
  • Forming a mentorship contract with goals
  • Role of mentorship / apprenticeship
  • Journaling as a tool for self enhancement
  • Developing a reading program
  • Full body connection (balance)
  • Etheric vitality meditation
  • Initiation of Level 5 practicum

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